Naman Sawawagi is a computer science graduate whose life has been full of startups. Starting his career with Freecharge in 2010, Naman gained first-hand experience of working at a technology startup and learnt some of the nitty-gritties of the trade while managing product and marketing. He then moved on to writing for a while when he covered and reviewed Indian startups. While doing these things, Naman heard about some folks in Bangalore building a business around missed calls (something which had been on his mind since college) “But that idea never saw the light of the day. So, when I heard about ZipDial, I wanted to work for them,” says Naman. He took up the offer and was the product manager there for a close two years. Having been in the tech space all this while, Naman always fiddled on his own products and while at ZipDial he caught on the whole opportunity with gadget prices. “I was barely a month into it and realized there is a huge need for tools to help in shopping decisions; price comparison engines had huge traffic but they were solving the problem only partially. That is when I started pursuing FindYogi, with more than just money in mind,” says Naman and hence was born FindYogi.

Naman has a lovely attitude towards problem solving – whether it is a tech or a business problem – always solutions oriented. The best part is he is never limited by richness of thought, imagination and resources to solve any problem – and that’s what makes for a good problem solver. This coupled with a cheerful attitude towards work and coworkers makes him a great asset to any team.

Naman Sarawagi is an Internet Entrepreneur. He was part of the early team at Freecharge and ZipDial (acquired by twitter). He was the founder of, that was acquired in 2016. He has also invested in multiple startups.
The session will revolve around identifying which part of the value chain you are targeting and entering a crowded market. If you are a start up trying to zero down on your target segment or just toying with an idea, you should definitely come.

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